Privacy policy for users

The privacy of the clubs and their users are essential to us.

  1. Glossary
  • club : designates AS Tarabostes, doing business as, AS Tarabostes – CIF 35233009; also called “us”, “our”, “our” in this document.
  • Application : designates the online booking platform BalleJaune/ and App placed in AppStore and Gplay, published by Custom Projects SRL,
  • Club(s) :  designates an entity represented by one or more directors (association, municipality, company, etc.).
  • Utilisateur(s) : designates the persons who have an account in the club’s database.
  • Administrateur(s) : designates the persons responsible for the club, having total or partial access to the -Administration- section of the application (president, manager, secretary, monitor, etc…).
  1. Introduction provides an online booking platform and mobile App for Tennis Players interaction – also referred to as “we”, “us” and “our” in this document.

We attach great importance to the trust you place in us by choosing our solution to make your reservations online and players interactions. Therefore, we diligently protect the privacy and confidentiality of your personal data.

This privacy policy applies to all of our services, whether they are accessible online or through any other platform or device (hereinafter collectively referred to as “the Application”).

This document concerns the processing of data relating to users of the clubs registered on our application. The user of a club is also referred to as “you” and “your” throughout this document.

By accepting this privacy policy, you consent to the processing of your personal data by for the purposes specified below.

  1. Processing of personal data processes your personal data for the following purposes :

  • Create your user account in the club in which you are registered.
  • Verification of your identity using authentication mechanisms.
  • Share your personal data with the administrators and users of the clubs with which you are associated (i.e. the clubs that include you in their user list).
  • Management of your reservations in the club where you make reservations.
  • Inform club administrators about your reservation interactions (creating a reservation, cancelling a reservation, changing a reservation).
  • Recording audit information about your booking interactions (for club audit purposes).
  • To process your enquiries and provide technical support by e-mail or phone.
  • Contact you about relevant questions associated with your personal or club user account and about events that you might register for.
  • To control unauthorized use or abuse of our services, or to detect, investigate or prevent activities that may violate our policies or be fraudulent/illegal.
  • Prevent fraudulent, illegal or malicious activities against the application and servers.
  • To process payments that you may make in clubs (purchase of reservation tickets, payment of dues, events of entrence fees etc.).
  • Analyze trends, administer or optimize our offers, monitor usage or traffic patterns.
  1. Personal data collected collects the following personal data :

  • First and last name (mandatory),
  • Civility (mandatory),
  • Login ID (mandatory),
  • Password, hashed using industry standard hashing algorithms (BCRYPT),
  • E-mail address (mandatory),
  • Full postal address, and in case of online payment, a delivery address and/or a billing address (optional),
  • Phone number(s) (optional, depending on context),
  • Date of birth (optional),
  • Ranking / play level (optional),
  • Game Partner Search Ad (optional),
  • Technical information about the device and web browser used (collected only to provide effective customer support, to prevent malicious attacks on our services and to provide anonymous statistics to club and managers),
  • IP address (this information is kept for 6 months and then destroyed).


We undertake that no data will be exchanged or sold on any medium to third parties.

  1. Club control over the data

Users have the ability to log into the application from the dedicated page to make reservations or in the mobile app to register scores and look for partners to play.

  1. Rectification, modification and deletion of your personal data

6.1. Correction and modification of personal data

You can view and change the personal information you store with us in the “My Account > Account Details” section of your account. For the web based reservation system; or from the app under your personal profile.

For security reasons, the last name and first name entered on your account cannot be corrected directly by the user. In case you wish to correct this information, you must contact us at


6.2. Deletion of certain personal data

Some personal information can be deleted without completely deleting your account, such as your postal address, e-mail address or phone numbers. Note however, this information may be required to confirm a reservation or to interact with the other players.

6.3. Deleting the account and all data

If for any reason you wish to delete your account entirely, you can do so by contacting us at

You accept the possibility that all or part of your account information may not be deleted if demonstrate that it is legally necessary to retain it (e.g. for compliance with a legal obligation or for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of public authority vested in the controller).

You agree that your account information will continue to exist in our backup files for a maximum period of 90 days after your account is deleted.

Please note that some data such as your reservations will not be deleted from the club’s database, these data will be “anonymized” so that it is no longer possible to make the link between you and the reservations. This can be useful to the club so as not to alter its statistical data.

  1. Data Processors

From time to time, we may use third party service providers as data processors for the purposes specified above. The processing by these third parties takes place according to our instructions. These parties are bound by data processing agreements and confidentiality agreements.

  1. Security

In accordance with data protection laws, strict security procedures are observed within to prevent the misuse of personal data and unauthorized access.

In order to protect and safeguard the personal and club data provided to us, we have put in place and use appropriate professional systems and procedures. In addition, we have security procedures in place and use technical and physical restrictions to access and use the club’s users information. Only authorized employees can access personal information in the course of their duties with respect to our services.

  1. Data protection breaches

If we learn that data protection has been breached, we will notify the data subjects and the competent supervisory authorities no later than 72 hours after becoming aware of the breach.

  1. Cookies exchanges several cookies with your browser. A session cookie is stored to authenticate you; another cookie helps us protect your account from malicious access.  The content of these cookies are tokens generated by machines and used for authentication and security purposes. Without these cookies, we would not be able to provide our basic services reliably.

Please note that other “secondary” cookies are also created by the application to provide you with an optimal browsing experience. For example, we store a cookie to remember which clubs you have already logged into. Thus, you can easily access the different clubs during your next visits on the application.

Finally, through our subcontractors, “third-party cookies” may be exchanged with your browser when you use our application. These cookies are not required for the use of our services and can be easily disabled from your web browser preferences.

  1. Credit Card Information

The raw credit card information does not come into contact with the servers on which our application is hosted. All credit card information is managed by online payment gateways such as MobilPay, via a secure connection with the TLS protocol. and partner clubs are not able to access unmasked credit card data.

  1. Competent authorities

We may share and disclose details and information about you to a government or investigative authority if the law (or any regulation having the force of law), a legal proceeding, a criminal investigation, a court order or a summons to appear requires it. We may also disclose your personal information if it is strictly necessary for the prevention and detection of criminal acts.

  1. Changes to this statement

Our application is constantly evolving and as such we may change the way we collect, transmit and process personal data and any other information we deem necessary. This statement may be amended from time to time to reflect the latest changes.

Contact us

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact us by one of the following means:

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